How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself?

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What is the lethal dosis of Xanax?
How many xanax do you have to take to kill yourself
asked Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
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I have no idea as to the amount you need to kill yourself, I just pray that you don't do it...On April 29, 2013 after missing for 5 days, my son was found deceased in his motorhome.  The autopsy and the toxicology reports showed that he had died from Acute Alprazolam (Xanax) Overdose...he was only 26 and was dead 5 days before he was found.  It has profoundly affected his father and I, his sisters and the rest of the family as well. Please, Please reach out for help if you feel like you are wanting to harm yourself.
I have Congestive Heart Failure. I need a Valve job but I am not a candidate for another open heart surgery. My chest has been cracked open 2 previous times. I am having pain in the same breast that I had breast cancer 3 yrs ago. I have a cough that won't go away, and have found a small lump near my anal cavity. My first heath episode was when I was 19, with 4th stage Hodgkin's Disease. I have been sick my entire adult life. Oh, I forgot to mention. I had a stroke Thanksgiving Day, 2013. I am 63 and very tired, and dare anyone to chastise me for wanting to euthanize myself. Walk a mile in my shoes. I weigh ninety lbs, and wish to know how many Xanax 0.5 would it take to end my misery. Please take me seriously, because I am serious.....
Instead Of Asking How To Die, How About Asking How To Live. Because Anybody Can Die, It Takes A Hero To Live.
There are groups you can contact to guide you, and books you can read if that is your choice. Xanex can kill, but it's not all that common unless you are drinking. The last thing you need is to be put away and loss your dignity if things go wrong, and it sounds like you are grasping at straws. I'm so sorry you are going through this, and I really do not think you are thinking clearly because nobody is chastising you, although I'm sure you know what this will do to those you leave behind. Get more facts, and you might see things better.
I too have heart issues, triple bi=pass, 2 more heart attacks, value replacement, sciatica for one year now, every day walking i have sever pain, my social life has stopped, on depression med's for years, collect SSD since cancer struck in 2006......every day is should be a blessing.......NOT !  i want it to be over.......
I actually do understand. I have what they call "Volatile Type 1 Diabetes" meaning it refuses to be controlled. In the 4 years I've had it, it has done the damage equivalent to a lifetime of having it. I have Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Anemia, multiple muscle tears in both shoulders, and no insurance. I know I'm dying. And I know that if I take my own life, my children will be devastated. I think we need to remember something though. Sometimes we just can't take it anymore.
I understand where you're coming from even if others don't. I've been fighting anxiety/depression all my life (50 years) About 8 years ago the IBS started. SEVERE IBS. I'm sick almost every day. Constant nausea and loose stools. The pain is so severe, I just want it all to end. If it happened once a month it would be one thing but almost every day is unbearable... and I have to work and support myself at the same time. So, I understand why you want to give up, I do too. Who wants to live a life of torture? Talking to someone doesn't fix it. Doctors can't fix it.
I am so sorry you are in so much pain! I believe you should have the right to end your own life when you clearly have had enough! Your family will miss you but should recognize that you are no longer suffering and that should give them some peace!
I'm ready to go as as well I wish more were understanding how can I fall asleep and never awake I'm clean from heroin 45 days but the memories consume me I have a husband I love a dog (daizy) I need in my life and a Bff with 3 kids who adore me and me vice versa but without me there problems will stop and they can focus on themselves it's not my fault they should want my peace I sleep all day and daizy is in a kennal I wanted a home a normal one with my hubby n pup not all this chaos now I feel death is what I missed out on dec 4 it should have been me I have no family I would let down the ones I mentioned but wouldn't they know I'm finally at peace tonight I hope this works I fill my whole script Monday so not to long write a book about me look me up I love you baby I'm sorry I broke this promise and Sarah you are the best it wasn't you its my own demons
I been of heroin 8 months keep your head up look forward to another day of being clean an live life day by day life is short live it now that u are making the right steps in life to make a better future don't dwell on the past because this is now an forever if u take your life how would your kids life be with no more a bf no girl an a family that would be broken you have beat the devil u have faith in your self an higher hopes an just do what u have always wanted an achieve  your goal in life an be successful you got it in you I ain't even made it there yet to be 100 on my feet an been clean out months but hey I escaped the devil an that's something I treasurer everyday
actually thats a lie. anybody can live and anybody can die it does not take a "hero" to live nor to die. tho u can be scared either of living or of dying. and u can only decide if u will do one or the other. if u will fight the fear or no. cause it does not really matter we r all living and dying right now and we all will die one day so idk why yall make such a big deal if someone commits a suicide or dies other way. its their life and if they were not happy with it why not end it?? they would die anyways just later and they would have to go through some more shit. and honestly what is that good for? nothin . thats all im out and sorry for replying with this stupid pointless comment 3 years after u wrote yours tho i couldnt help it :,)
-and yeah maybe im depressed af but at least i see it as it is-
this is crap, I just want an honest answer!! I have Ambien and Xanex, I want to end it, how much do I need to get this shit over???
I'm gay married to a fantastic woman, I have a beautiful daughter and come from a great family. However, I'm depressed and low because of my sexual orientation and the fact that I cannot come out to my family. I have panick attacks , IBS and problems at work and now I really feel I'm better off dead than being alive ! I can totally understand anyone trying to take their life. I've been to therapy and taken medication and I just feel absolutely worthless... I'm fed up of the world and I just want to give up the ghost and Rest In Peace but I'm too much of a coward to do that :( I've lived a lie most of my life and still living a lie ... I just feel my life isn't mine ! I turned to religious beliefs and I struggle with my faith too
With all due respect , that’s a bullshit response.  The person who asked about ending their life didn’t need flowery platitudes or Blue Mountain greeting card fuzzies.  I can relate and it’s a personal chouce to end ones life.  We’ll find a way either way.   Thank you for your compassion though.  I know its heartfelt.
You really are oblivious in your comment & clearly have no idea what it's like to be in a position where you don't want to live anymore whether it be for health reasons or psychological trauma. People just can't handle, nor do they want to deal with someone who has these feelings so it gets sugar coated with b.s. like "it will get better for you at the right time or you'll meet a great person who will make your life better." No one ever wants to accept that it's not always the case, not everyone can have their happy ending. They just say it because it makes them, not you feel better. I'm sure this will get removed but with all due respect, go fuck yourself with your ignorant hero comment.
Check out the euthanasia clinics in Belgium and Switzerland
Its on you tube .

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20 nope you get bit sleepey i got almost 100 in my bottal guess i wount let you know
answered Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
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people who dont understand would say you gave up. people who do would wish they could help. that is all. it depends on who cares really.
answered Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
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you should take atleast 20 to make sure you get the job done.
answered Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
20? Really?Maybe this person truly wishes to die. If that is the case xanax alone won't do it. You need to take 50 2mg. Xanax bars, mix that with at least 1 or 2 pints of whiskey. If at all possible try to obtain decent quality heroin, oxycontin will work just as good. Leave a goodbye letter and it will be lights out FOREVER.
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What the fuck dont do it most of us onlylive to bout sixty five if were lucky go out get laid do some traveling save yourself the hastle and just ride out the rest of you life. You never know it cant rain all the time. Even if our life is in complete shite you could still make a difference to someone elses lif and be remembered as a good person notjust some feel sorry for yourself give up merchant. Well all be dead soon enough but some people will look back on us an smile not cringe. DONT DO IT poopy seeds my ass.
answered Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
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I don\'t know the answer to this very question I was seeking.... but after carefull consideration, I\'ve decided this is foolish as far as, if you get it wrong, you could live through it and wind up brain dead/retarded without the functions to finish yourself off properly. Then, I happend to catch a Opra show on the S****** Word.... One guy literally shot half his face off and lived...another girl layed down over a railroad track and had her legs cut off and lived....the last girl was crazy for months on end speaking of jumping off a bridge but no one took her seriously, then the day she went to do it, her husband had a funny feeling, called the cops and the cop just happend on the scene the moment she went for it and managed to grab onto her wrist as she jumped and wrestled her back over the edge and onto the ground. All this taught me was make sure to do it correctly, to fuck up on something like this is just going to give you more guilt and displeasure with life. Thus, I propose buying 4-5 lb of poppy seeds and making poppy seed tea (warm not boiling water, mixed with an acidic such as lemon juice and let stand for about 20-30min - it\'s best to use a women\'s pantyhose to drop the seeds in and mix with water so as not to make a mess...or sock as some people perfer). (Note that you\'ll get various degrees of opium/morphine from different sources and some not at all - hint - look for poppy seeds from austrailia) This is WAY more than needed if your test for tolerance as you need to be semi coherent....
After making the tea, I suggest making plans to find a body of water such as the ocean or a lake and after consumption of said tea,... you will be sufficiently feeling woozy, warm, cozy and care free and should be able to...welll ...u know... and not feel the pain. Even if you don\'t believe in religion, like monty python said, \"you\'ve come from nothing, your going back to nothing, so what have you lost?.... NOTHING!\" or so that\'s my thinking anyway.....sad..pathetic...perhaps, but I\'ve already seen the light of the end, it\'s really just a joke on you, an illusion of mind which upon awakening, I have no doubt you\'ll be thinking \' fuck! I did it again.... but nothing really matters as there is no Matter to begin with, only the mind of the logos and all its infinite parts reflected back unto itself... Cherio
answered Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
I'm currently in the hospital, day 4, because I took 45mg of Xanax because my Husband decided he didn't want me anymore but he did want the woman half my age.  It deviated me.  Luckily, the EMS group and hospital saved me and I thank God for it!  I hope God can use me as a witness to others to let people know there is love and goodness out there it's just that some people look in the wrong place for it.  You are all in my prayers
That breaks my heart! But to live feels like Hell.  Everyone's story is so very different!  I was raped, molested and physically abused by four members of my family since age 6 ( that is the fist time that I can remember, anyway). I was a success in many ways in High school and in college and absolutely beautiful ( also with a serious eating disorder). I always thought that physical beauty would bring me happiness.  I am not totally sure why that is...maybe because the one cousin that would rape and hurt me always taunted me about my weight? Most likely I wanted to be in control of SOMETHING...Anything!  My story just gets worse from there...and yeah, maybe sometimes I do feel sorry for myself. my choices ( like now, of course) so I appreciate a forum to just vent to. I don't want to hurt the only two people that maybe love me in my life well, three. When does it end? I FOUGHT and I FIGHT and I PRAY and SCREAM,  My anxiety/PTSD/eating d/o, depression and drug addiction are raging inside e still...and for so long! I also never sleep.  Not for days and that impairs my judgement and scares me that I will kill myself while my senses are not right because of the lack of sleep and the very worst-the withdrawal from the benzodiazepines and Heroin.
I feel as if it only gets worse as time goes ( so slowly ) by!! Please help me!! someone!? God, if there is one?I always wanted a normal life with a husband to care for and at least one baby.  well I have lost twins and another to miscarries,two abortions and the very worst day of my life ...the day my young baby girl died in my arms.  I am now 34 and feel after 23 trips in-patient for help and so many other doctors, therapists, groups, methadone maintenance ( works ).
Now I am too old to find someone and get my life that I always wanted so very badly.  I just want a small, happy existence, even if I can't have that baby. I feel I am not wanted here anymore or was a mistake to begin with as my mother loves to remind me....
thank you for listening and good luck to all
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yeah all of you dicks that post these bull shit replys people really want to know this shit and are maybe hoping someone will give enough of a fuck to say dont answer the fucking question or offer up some kind words of hope. people who really feel like this dont need a bunch of asshole bloggers pushing them any harder than life already has so to everyone who wrote an asshole comment to you i issue a friendly FUCK YOU you dont know what people are going through i hope you all sleep well tonight. FUCKERS. to all of the nice people thank you for trying but you cant save us all
answered Jan 7, 2009 by anonymous
No one wants or needs your sympathy.It's ppl like u that make us do what we deem necessary.You don't know a person's life and ppl call us cowards. I am dying anyway.I have watched way to many departures to go through it that way. I am a coward for pain yes
im going to kill myself and no one can stop me. I hate my life im in constant pain from an knee injury I cant work and Im a burden
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no one is going to kill themselves your all pussies
answered Jan 16, 2009 by anonymous
Hey you horses ass, you might be in the same boat yourself one day punk ass. Nowwwww Fack afffff!!!!!
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what the fuck kind of question is that...
answered Jan 20, 2009 by anonymous
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use helium get like 12 canisters rig em to go off in a bag with a hose and breathe u will pass out and go out quietly its being used in assisted suicide places here in oregon
answered Jan 25, 2009 by anonymous
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wow looks like someone needs to grow up
answered Jan 27, 2009 by anonymous
What is your problem do u not get that some people are having a hard time, like ppl having depression u wanna die everyday. It's sucks to say the least but there's no reason to say that bc maybe someone will go do it bc they saw ur comment that could of pushed them over the edge u never know so if someone kills them selves bc of ur comment, it's all on you
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Well if they\'re the xanax bars you\'ll need about 10...don\'t recommend it though...i mean i\'ve taken 4 and didn\'t remember the whole night and part of the next day. It fucks your brain up, it\'s dumb...don\'t do it!!
answered Jan 30, 2009 by anonymous
well, I have taken 120, 2 mg bars,  with a pint of vodka  and woke up in ICU, it was to late to pump my stomach ,
I've took 40 + of the bars more than one time ....all it did was mess me up and I passed out for hours. Guess it depends on tolerance.
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Don\'t die
I love you
answered Feb 15, 2009 by anonymous
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If you really want to die, take them all. I know your not serious or else you would not be asking such a stupid question. Any half inteligent person would just down them all if they sought death, or jump of a bridge.
answered Mar 6, 2009 by anonymous
Hey dummy..  Really some people don't get down till they only have a few left and want to know if that's going to work.  So go ahead and think they are not serous.  But when you loose someone from it cause you didn't take them serious that's going to be your bad.  YOU FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i took 20 xanax and it didnt work
answered Mar 12, 2009 by anonymous
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LOL! Stupidity. You need to take ALOT of xanax by itself to cause death. Instead of sitting around thinking about \"how to off your self, you look up some medical terms like \"LD50\". Then you will have scientific data. Maybe you will have an epiphany and deicide you like science in the process and you can come back to this site and ask a new question.. like, \"Why did I take this life granted?\"

answered Mar 22, 2009 by anonymous
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I had a friend with a similar illness as I have, but worse, who used the pills, helium and bag over her head combination.  I found that rather morbid and sad.  However, she was ill and had a fairly low quality of life despite family and partner that loved her, so I don\'t blame her.

I would hope that if you try xanax in combination with something else that it would be an absolute last resort and because you had something physical for which there was no cure and little or no hope.  If there is any hope, or if it\'s depression outside of a major illness, I hope you would try first to get counselling and maybe make some changes in life.  Take risks you wouldn\'t normally take and maybe you\'d be surprised with some unexpected pleasurable changes.  

Thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome, either way.  For an improved life if there is hope, or for a successful painless death if there isn\'t.

Love, another sad person.
answered Mar 24, 2009 by anonymous
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I feel so sorry for you honey. I have been in your place. 28 hospitalizations since I was 14. Im only 26 now and I still struggle everyday. PLEASE GET HELP! NAMI is a great organization. My personal email address I would be happy to help you.
answered Apr 3, 2009 by anonymous
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i am like the others, i don\'t want to fuck it up. if i die, i want to be dead, please tell me how to do it right
answered Apr 9, 2009 by anonymous
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These posts leave me conflicted. I believe that your own life is yours to take. Who wants to live an unhappy life? I am bi polar, and depressed and can understand the frustration. No judgements from me. Walk a mile in my shoes and then we can talk.
answered Apr 23, 2009 by anonymous
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So lets see here-my options..kill myself or spend the rest of my life battling with my own mind in and out of psych wards..subsisting solely because others tell me \'i will regret it\'..that its a selfish decision..but is it better to exist in a shell to not be able to care for others because i can barely care for myself? In that light its not a selfish decision at all..
answered May 3, 2009 by anonymous
I totally agree. Suiciding is not selfish. People who kept saying we gave up on life just never try to put themselves in our shoes. There really is no point in living when no one is the e to help despite having the NAMI or WAO, all they do is prolong our sufferings. Yes, everyone needs to have someone they can talk to but what's the to nt in that if they're not sincere? People nowadays are rarely sincere I helping anyone. To those who keep thinking we are not serious in taking our lives, I hope you'll go through the extremely unhappy lives we've been through in the future.
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its very hard to have a benzo overdose, you usually need to mix other drugs with it 30 pills and a bottle of tequila would do it
answered May 6, 2009 by anonymous
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i wanna kill myself anyonee got any ideas on how 2 do it  without pain ??
answered May 7, 2009 by anonymous
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People who tell you not to do it usually dont under stand just how much pain you are going threw.  I myself found this webiste thinking about doing it... Who knows I might not be here tomorrow, and the sad thing is no one would even notice the difference, life would go on.  I would just be happier and in a better place.
answered May 8, 2009 by anonymous
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If you really want to make it, Xanax isn\'t enough. No matter how many pills you could washed down doctors still be able to save you these days.
I took cocktail of pills. Pain killers, anti-depressants, minor tranquilizers, flu tablets, recreation drugs and so on. I took about 400 pills in total within 2 hours and was found unconscious 12 hours later. Almost dead. How could doctors saved me was unknown. Doctors told my family that I would die in any moment. Yet still typing this shit in my room. Even not in a hospital room. Very much unfortunately I hadn\'t learn a lot and most likely will try again sometime in the future.
I need to figure out the other way.
Pills don\'t work. Doctors  could easily outweigh them.
If you want to go with pills, go to a desert island isolate yourself completely then take as many pills as you could get.
If you fail and lived through, I can assure you that the life will be even shittier.
Pain all over your body, frequent black outs, severe tinnitus, swollen joints.
Seeing shitty phyco-docs in every so often is a bonus.
Your family watch you 24/7 and treat you like if you are an Al-Qaeda member.
Probably you better away from those stupid idea for your own sake.
400 lethal cocktail of drugs didn\'t kill a 5\'4, 132lb woman.
Forget about Xanax.
answered May 15, 2009 by anonymous
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hey guys... i take this shit very seriously and i wanted to let people know if theoretically you wanted to write a book and have a realistic method of my character killing himself though pills... i would have him take as my narcotics that he could get my hands on through buying.... his own scrips .... and any other illegal drugs you can get together and put the in a glass of water.... he  needs to get them all to loose the capsules and or dissolve.. he may need to heat the water... and then drink it.  this character would receive the effect from the pills at one time and wash it down with some alcohol
answered May 30, 2009 by anonymous
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ye i wanna die. lost everything. life is shit. can\'t even geta buzz out of anything anymore........ nothing to live for, no one gives a fuck bout me........... just need to pick up the courage to go out in a decent way
answered May 31, 2009 by anonymous
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you aint got no answer....motherfucks......shit...dats wat life is ....jus wanna one givve a daimn bout me....i dnt wanna b a screw up.......
answered May 31, 2009 by anonymous
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answered Jun 6, 2009 by anonymous
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your all mad life is presious god gave you life there are people suffering dying of cancer and other bad illnesses ,you need to grow up take stock think you all must be very lonley people
answered Jun 11, 2009 by anonymous
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I would rather suffer cancer or any other type of physical illness then wake up every morning hating life, hating myself, and hating the world. I know I will eventually kill myself the only thing thats holding me back know is the past to times I was revived and had to suffer through hell afterwards. people just don\'t get it unless there experiencing the internal pain themselves. I was molested by a family friend at the age of four because of my beauty and my looks have haunted me ever since I would trade anything in the world to just wake up one morning with a smile on my face and not have to force one to get through the day. It\'s not that I\'m a lonely person I have friends that want to hangout with me all the time even though I still feel alone in the world. If I make it to become a plastic surgeon that would be a miracle because I\'m having a hard time seeing myself being around through the weekend outside I have the perfect life I can\'t figure out why It hurts so bad inside but its sad when the majority of people our afraid of death when a minority of people our so afraid of life they bring death upon themselves. so to all the people who wrote \'dickhead\' threads to this form you simply just made yourselves look ignorant and dumb...I suggest having somewhat of an education on the subject before commenting on forms like this
answered Jun 12, 2009 by anonymous
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I would rather suffer cancer or any other type of physical illness then wake up every morning hating life, hating myself, and hating the world. I know I will eventually kill myself the only thing thats holding me back know is the past to times I was revived and had to suffer through hell afterwards. people just don\'t get it unless there experiencing the internal pain themselves. I was molested by a family friend at the age of four because of my beauty and my looks have haunted me ever since I would trade anything in the world to just wake up one morning with a smile on my face and not have to force one to get through the day. It\'s not that I\'m a lonely person I have friends that want to hangout with me all the time even though I still feel alone in the world. If I make it to become a plastic surgeon that would be a miracle because I\'m having a hard time seeing myself being around through the weekend outside I have the perfect life I can\'t figure out why It hurts so bad inside but its sad when the majority of people our afraid of death when a minority of people our so afraid of life they bring death upon themselves. so to all the people who wrote \'dickhead\' threads to this form you simply just made yourselves look ignorant and dumb...I suggest having somewhat of an education on the subject before commenting on forms like this
answered Jun 12, 2009 by anonymous
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If I were to kill myself, the way I would do it is with morphine. You will die with a big dose of morphine, you need at least 500mg to make sure you are dead. I would also check myself into a hotel and put the busy sign on the outside of the door. That way no one will check on you for a few days and when they finally do, you\'re dead. I would also drink a large amount of alcohol before taking my pills. That is how I would kill myself :P
answered Jun 13, 2009 by anonymous
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strange site i must say...its a bit scary and i feel sad that you are trying to kill yourself by advice gotten from unreliable strangers on the net... its tough i agree but if you are going to so much trouble to find out how to kill yourself, couldnt you go to a little trouble to find someone you could talk to that would really listen...take drugs that will take the depression councelling so that the pain can be not sure of anyones troubles and yes some people cant be saved but you guys are going to alot of trouble....please try xx
answered Jun 25, 2009 by anonymous
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I think Xanax are the most amazing thing in the world I have taken a total of 15 in 45 minutes and im taking the bars or busses whatever you want to call them and im perfectly functionable but on the same note im really out there if you ask me to do something i can do it fine but i dont remember it but its definately worth it i love them little yellow reqtangular pills.
answered Jun 26, 2009 by anonymous
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Can't you tie a noose?  It seems like the xanax would keep you calm while your neck either breaks or you asphyxiate.  Good luck!
answered Jun 26, 2009 by anonymous
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fuck it i tried takin 12 600 mg and i weight 174 and i woke up 6 hours later they dont do shit
answered Jun 29, 2009 by anonymous
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I have 35 xanax pills and I\'m wondering is it enough to kill myself. I\'m a women - 25 years. I thought that if I have eaten all my xanax pills, maybe I should put the plastic bag to my head, because I think I will be slpeeping soon and the plastic bag will asphyxiate me, even if xanax wouldn\'t kill me...

I really feel I dont want anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God please give me the strenght to do this!
answered Jul 5, 2009 by anonymous
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eat a fkn 60 mgs adderall be happy
answered Jul 18, 2009 by anonymous
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i have 45 of them and im so ready to take them all
answered Jul 20, 2009 by anonymous
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I have 90 Xanax but only .5. Thinking if I take those and down a months worth of clen and some dexidrine and other add pills that the uppers + downer affect might do the trick. What do you think?
answered Jul 26, 2009 by anonymous
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you people need to get some serious help. I will keep ya'll in my prayers. Nothing is worth dying for not nothing. May God bless yall abudanltly. He loves ya'll very much and doesn't want you to do this.
answered Jul 29, 2009 by anonymous
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to  the person who said "Im not sure, perhaps you could try and let us know" You are a cruel and mean person and I just hope one day you feel like I do right this minute and then Id like to hear your "F" sarcasm.   People like you should be punished with a severe case of full blown depression
answered Aug 17, 2009 by anonymous
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If your serious about killing yourself the easiest way is to take all the pills and then drink as much hard liqur as possible. It has a negative reaction and will most likely make younpass out and die in your sleep. It happens all the time by accident with people
answered Aug 21, 2009 by anonymous
I lost my wife my family my dignity as a man. I break down and think about killing myself all the time. I just want my family back. I've been homeless for a year cause the few family I have are always telling me I'm a fuck up this past January I took 3 oxy 30's and 35 Xanax 1mg's and drinker a pint behind it somehow I lived God has something for u although I don't know what it is myself
Take 10 5mg - methadone  & 40  5mg  of zanax   It will do you in a heart beat.  It's like taking a nice nap. Oh get a small 6pk cokes
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i really dont know i take xanax and it really makes me sleppy..i just dont thank life is worth losing over drugs...i really know how alot of people feels..cause i thought of it alot of times..but i realize one day when my sister-in-law died of overdose .it really made me realize..i dont want to kill really people talk to someone before u make that discision.. cause u dont want to do something and its to is worth living.i thank god for living is hard i know i live it everyday with my kids on drugs..i know u can make a better life out there just go for it..u can be happy. just pray to everyday to god .just dont take ur life..its gods do that one day..when its time to go home with the lord.please becareful..cause its reads in bible dont kill yourself or u will go to hell...its a sin it will never be forgiven..cause it be to late to ask god to forgive u..
answered Dec 27, 2009 by anonymous
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answered Dec 28, 2009 by anonymous
Don't do it my friend.Hope is always there.Go to the church please and be strong. I love you God bless
You don't understand. We don't need church. Besides what you people call "the easy way out",  often there doesn't appear to be a choice at all. You will only ever know this if you go there.
I have just had 50 x 1mg Xanax, 30 x 10mg IR Oxycodone, and some vodka. This should work. I pray it does..I. have a VERY high tolerance, so another 30 Instant Release Oxy should do the job if I don't pass out.
To the rest of you in deep despair, I understand. I really do. Should you choose to live, may life be kinder to you.

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