Can You Inject Seroquel

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can you inject seroquel
asked Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous
out of normal drugs but recently on Seroquel and want to slam. Will try splitting 100gm and crush without the coating (sucked off easily) but will heat to ensure no germs. Anyone cam and want to watch me slam?

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I injected a 200 mil tablet and was quite impressed.  the high I got from shooting was similar to eating Seroquel in the same manner that a coyote is similar to a chihuahua.  I definitely got high but did not become sedated as I do when eating the stuff.  I have never slammed the stuff before so I am no expert but the method I used was quite simple and it delivered.  First I put 50 cc of water into a spoon followed by a quarter of a 200 mil. tablet that I meticulously crushed up.  There is a coating on all Seroquel so you will need to be sure to remove it.  I just placed the tablet in my mouth and let the coating dissolve. I realized that Seroquel will not dissolve unless it is cooked and then a cigarette filter or a cotton swab must be used to absorb the mixture or else you will clog up your rig with the larger particles.  I used a cigarette filter and it worked great.  I simply placed the needle into the filter and drew back slowly to avoid sucking in air. After removing the air from my needle I was ready to inject.  But anyway, if you have never injected before you definitely should do some research.  I think there are even videos on Youtube that lay it out for you.  I hope this was helpful and have a good day!~
answered Feb 19, 2009 by anonymous
Injecting anything you had in your mouth is a terrible idea.  The mouth has more bacteria in it than any part of the body.  This is a great way to give yourself endocarditis or an abscess.
I got endocarditis and was hospitalized for a week. Then when i got interviewed by the police, i got arrested for internal possession. I did 5 yrs in prison. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. PERIOD.
5 years for a dose that evolved into eendocarditis? My fiance died after 3 months hospitalized with endocarditis. Its cery rare and stems from an infection caused by shooting up in an unsanitary manner. It then infects the heart and causes fluid retention and stroke and/or valve failure. States have laws protecting citizens from being imprisoned merely for straight up intoxication resulting in hospitalization (aside from public detox).....point is if you are lucky enough to have truly survived endocarditis, then jailed, i am assuming you were charged with other crimes or on parole.  So pls be careful how you word your posts if im correct. These types of replies often dont deter people from doing the drugs.  It more often makes people afriad to get "caught." then they do this shit in secret and somwtimes the results in death.   If im wrong please pardon me.
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i just charged a half of a 100mg tab, i crushed it on to a spoon with a little citric and dissolved in water and cooked up. Did the usual procedure for injection, not sure but may have a citric burn or mayb the actual drug, but injection site feels uncomfortable!
answered Apr 28, 2010 by anonymous
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quetiapine fumarate is water soluble no heat needed mate as it is a salt in laymans terms and salt is water soluble, i eat the fuckers 300mg will put you on ya arse,use an ultra fine insuline needle 1ml suck up 80/1m of water wash the coating off the tablet firs,crush it as fine as you can,no heat needed mix it up with the plunger of the needle throw a filter in suck that shit up then stick it in ya arm. BEEN THERE DONE THAT DOIN IT AGAIN TOMMOROW.But with my mate oxy contin lovely
answered Oct 8, 2010 by anonymous
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You guys are hilarious. I've been on Seroquel now since 2006... You think 300mg will knock you on your ass?? LMAO... My dose is 1,000mg at bedtime and 200mg every 4 hours during the day to an average of about 1,600mg to 1,800mg EACH DAY... THAT will knock you on your arse ha ha ha! Tried main-lining and it did nothing for me.. used 400mg that time... next time tried 650mg... Nothing again... taking it Orally kicked in within 20 minutes but I find if you fight the feeling of her kickin into your system REALLY hard.. You either pass out cuz you couldn't handle it or you get the best fuckin buzz of your life lmao!! On the XR shit now tho so I just feel Zombie-fied all fuckin day and the nightmares are some SERIOUS CRAZY FUCKIN SHIT!! This drug isn't somethin to play with... my highest dose I took at one time was 6,700mg Orally with a nice can of Pepsi and 5 cigarette size joints (smoked all in a row)... Best 3 days of solid sleep I ever had man.. but FUCK ME the nightmares you can't wake up from... Don't think I'll be tryin that anytime soon... Figure if I want a high that'll make me just "not care" bout the dumbass shit in my life.. I just pop a 200mg every 45-60 mins and enjoy the numbness that ensues. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone because I don't need any more bad Karma lmao... But yeah... Orally with the "IR" instead of "XR" is way better in that whole 45-60 min intervals until finally you give in some hours later... lotsa fun too mixed with some weed and shots of good 'Ol Mountain Moonshine too... Best trip of my life man.

Moonshine (2 or 3 shots) plus 300mg-600mg "IR" Seroquel (Quetiapine) Orally... you'll be dancing all night to Newfie jiggs all by your fuckin self and havin the time of your fuckin life!! Party on abusers... Party on.. One day it ALL catches up! (again NEVER recommended by me personally..Just thought I'd add my 2 cents about the effects of abusing this dangerous prescription drug)...
answered Dec 7, 2010 by anonymous
Ur a fucking idiot, this is a serious anti psych drug, if u need that kind of dosage u should in a psych ward, if life is bad u have to zombify urself, try jumping off a bridge, that will excite u
Actually, the highest dose of Seroquel is 800mg. Im perscribed 600mg at bedtime. Ive been in and out of psychiatric facilities over the course of a few years and ive been client to 3 different psychiatrist. They have all told me the same thing about Seroquel. The most ive injested at once is 3,900mg. Im a small person and i weigh about 96 pounds. My perscribed dose could tranqulize a man thats 200 pounds.
I dont know about injecting it, but if you eat it and fight the fatigue, youll be on a trip thats like a diluted form of acid or shrooms.
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So I just injected 100 mg seroquel. But as I was pushing it in my vein, almost all the liquid was in my body but it got clogged and I kept pushing the rig down.. Eventually I pulled it out... I'm worried my vein is going to be clogged.. Any advice?
answered Jun 3, 2011 by anonymous
Anytime you think there is a clog or a knot or there could be swelling rub the area till it feels soft and put ice on it and keep repeting till it feels soft in the area you will feel preasure and it will be UNCOMFY but it does the trick everytime
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hey,, i just washed, crushed and cooked a 50mg seroquel xr and it done nothing but clagulate so much that it was impossable jack back any liquid even after putting 250units (2.5ml) of water in and using a filter.. Why?
I then washed and crushed a second one and tried to cold disolve it but still the same outcome,, un-jackable clag glue!! Ive cooked n banged oxy-contin countless times and i never had this issue involving clagulation... Or does this only happen to the seroquel xr50's?? Cos ive seen in earlier posts on here that everyone using 100's and stronger.... All in all,, blah blah blah nnnNNEEEEEDAAH WWAAAAKK!!! someone gimme a tip to disolve/cook this shit yeah,, peace \m/
answered Aug 5, 2011 by anonymous
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I just shot 175mg seroquel the quentipine fumarate for the first time and I instantly yawned after I did. I'm prescribed them to help me sleep, I've chewed them & it does nothing for me, so I usually just take them regular, Im only prescribed to take 100mg at bedtime, but i usually run out early which sucks because 100mg does nothing to put me to sleep really. I just kno I have a shitty ass sleep when i DONT have them. Also I probably dont really feel anything because I vein hydromorphone contin everyday. That is my drug of choice, wont do anything else. wow, why am i telling you people this. Anyway..definately not a warm fuzzy amazing feeling like an hydro/oxy/vicodin but I admitt I do feel a little more relaxed like I wanna just watch an episode of "Sons of Anarchy" and then crash. I would never want this feeling during the day. Its not a HIGH, which I kno if ur on here like i was, I was wondering the same thing. NOPE, not for me anyway, but it could be the hydro oh yeah and maybe the 2 fentanyl patches I sucked on today. lol.. Cant wait to see Opie's fine ass! :) I love that man...BTW I'm a 24 yr old female from canada if that helps people with their decision.
ANNONYMOUSLY Marlon Brando's Reincarnated wife
answered Oct 10, 2011 by anonymous
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Can u shoot up seroquil 400
answered Mar 9, 2012 by anonymous
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I'm about to bang a seroquel 50mg and I'm concerned about it colagulating like the post above says, I mainline pills all the time but theyre almost always water soluble. Anyone got a clue?
answered Mar 16, 2012 by anonymous
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yeah you fuckin junkies.... bahahaha i swear to god im not an addict but im still at it
answered Jun 11, 2012 by anonymous
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was wondering the effects of injecting seroquel...amd does it have to be cooled or is it water soluble?
answered Jun 15, 2012 by anonymous
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Do you inject it into ya vein or muscle lemme kno I'm bout to bang 100mgs
answered Jun 20, 2012 by anonymous
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Do you inject it into ya vein or muscle lemme kno I'm bout to bang 100mgs
answered Jun 20, 2012 by anonymous
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I've got 200 and 300's both in XR and norm..
Both have a thick coating, and can get them prep'd to shoot without cooking them as long as I get a pocket knife and scrape off that almost thick sticky top layer, it almost peels off in places.. those having clogging issues, make sure u scrape it off, you may want to cook it, I don't, I norm use a 3ml barrel and normal screw tip 27g and a rollie filter.. I've got/tried wheel filters and the newer "steri-filters" but norm don't use them, I'm stuck in my ways as I both shoot and eat all my prescribed meds.. Valium..Xanax, seroquel, Endone, methadone, and physeptone tabs..
Had a few swollen sites but get over them pretty fast even with no immune sys.. Been doing it many years..
I know there is more "harm reduction" I could follow.. But yes you can shoot seroquel..
I know someone that has lost there arm, and someone that almost lost a leg.. Just be careful, if your new to IV'ng then do some research first!!!
Taking 300mg orally and a few Xanax and couple Valium, and my methadone gets me on the nod pretty good.. Guess ev is diff, I've got a high tolerance and on 210 of methadone..
Unless u have a needle addiction or your new to the scene, just eat em "IMO"
answered Aug 24, 2014 by Melbourne Aussie..
How do u prepare xanax for iv? I've tried and so many different times and ways and have just wasted it. Any help would be great thanks
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Wow I'm truly sad to hear all of your shitty experiences. I've been on heroin since I was 15 and never heard so much dumb shit on one page in my life. Lmao you probably are also wondering why I'm searching this, well because I'm a junkie and am dopesick.
answered Aug 31, 2015 by Kristoffer Mannheim
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Well I read all of these comments, as well as many other site/forums too. Every one has there own opinions.. Experiences.. And no two are the same--again my opinion.
So tha only way to know what something is like.. Is to try it.
 Hell.. You only live once! Why not?

Anyway.. I'm supposed to be on Seroquel.. Prescribed, with another medication, the mixture does wonders---for me anyway. Not getting me high, I mean for the reason its meant to be taken.

So yea.. Obviously I searched this topic for a reason.
I used to use it for sleeping every night.. Now I only take a half a 100mg tablet when I'm sick just because its so hard to get to sleep and stay there when goin thru hot flashes, cold sweats , etc.etc.
I wanted to try it because I'm sick, new to an area I recently moved to, don't have access to anything else momentarily.. And unfortunately long moment might I add..

So.. Resort to Google , is what I do when I'm not sure.
Now let me add, if you aren't sure, a normal person might I add, then don't do it. Go with your gut.
But that's not me.. I experiment.

After reading many different threads, I tried what I'm calling 'Experiment 1'. I might add the rest as I try them.

So Experiment 1 was this:
Crush half of 100mg tablet, put into spoon, add 50ml of water, stir, slightly cook, let cool, add cigarette filter, insert needle, draw back slowly.

What happened: although I added 50ml of water, I was only able to draw back about 15-17.. Which isn't unheard of considering binders, fillers, and amount of heat applied.
A whole lot of bubbles also drew up.

Next I chose my injection site, got necessary tools needed for tourniquet, found my oh so hard to hit vein, registered the lovely crimson flow of life , proceeded to inject, and then came the problem.

In coagulated, thickened, whatever you want to call it.
I drew back to allow movement of the fluids inside the syringe barrel. I then added water to the solution to thin it out and see if that helped. By now, I have it up to about 25-30ml of crimson seroquel solution.
I pushed in about 5ml.. It stopped.. I drew back to reregister.. Pushed the rest in until about 3ml were left of mainly blood.
I put the syringe down..waited.. No rush.. But within seconds.. A feeling came over me, similar to a rush.. But a warm feeling..
Automatically I felt more relaxed and laid back.
@ 5mins- no change, just still relaxed.
@ 10mins- even more relaxed.. Repositioning my body to help..
@15mins- (now) not high, not falling asleep.. But slumped down in the couch very comfortably.. Feel like I could probably go to sleep soon.

Next time I'll try another method. Not sure which one..

I do not suggest anyone IV administer any type of drug, prescribed or illicit.
answered Oct 25, 2015 by anonlove
i shoot 200mg seroquil once
and the high felt like an opiate
but that lasted only for a couple of minutes
then i felt sleepy and i fought it
and the strangest thing happend
i started to hallucinate
it was like i had triple vision
i shot it at 9:30pm
and crashed out
at about 2:20am
really wierd experience
dont think i will be doing
that again for a while
my arm hurt that morning
and my veins hardend up
like i shot wellbutrin
but that lasted for 5 days
and after that everything
went back to normal
** if you do this be carefull**
cause you may o.d
if you are not used
to the drug or the dose
**play safe out there**

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