How Would You Know If You're Suffering From Stress?

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What are the definite signs and symptoms indicating that a person is suffering from stress? Can you please elaborate? Thanks.
asked Nov 17, 2010 by cai6678 Helpful Soul (83 points)

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Stress is something that only relatively recent attention has been paid to. It is when a person goes out of their comfort zone and feel like that they need to do more then what they would normally have to do.
The main problem with stress is that your heartbeat can actually increase due to an increased level of hormones. This then leads to faster breathing which in turn gives a person an energy boost.
It is not necessarily a bad thing as it can come in handy as it could increase productivity and can lead to an improvement in reaction time. Some students for example are able to study and perform better when under pressure.
Some people however are unable to cope with it and this is especially the case when an individual is under too much or frequent stress for a long period of time.
There are a variety of different things which can then occur and this can be for example sleeping disorders, headaches and pain in the back. It can also be a very big issue when combined with other health issues which a person might be suffering from.
It could lead to difficulties at work and many people will also find it to be a strain on their relationship.
There are some ways on how you can manage your level of stress and this includes finding a way to lower it and indentifying the cause. Some good pointers to look at when trying to avoid or reduce your stress include:
•    Time management
•    Ask for assistance
•    Healthy Living
•    Open Communication
•    Finding solutions
answered Nov 17, 2010 by cai6678 Helpful Soul (83 points)

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