Will I Get Into the Army Considering My History of Asthma?

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Hi! Could someone tell me if my asthma can disappear just like that? I started having asthma when I was about two years when I had a rather mild attack. I was prescribed some medications after that which I took for over two years. I used to have wheezing for a few years following that but by the time I got on to four or five, all signs of having had asthma were totally gone. Of course, I did feel out of breath at times but that I think is just the normal breathlessness. I never had the necessity to use the inhaler. I am planning to join the army now and would like to know if there are chances that I will be disqualified because I once had a history of asthma? What do you think? Do I have any chances in the army?
asked Dec 29, 2010 by anonymous