Are My Daughter's Asthma Attacks Normal?

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I really am in such a quandary and do not know how to handle this situation any more. I have been having such a horrible time with it all and I feel ever so miserable that I am not able to help. My daughter who is now three was diagnosed with asthma a year ago. She is so bad that every time we come home from an outing she rushes to spit up and vomit, all due to the change in temperatures. She attends preschool and most often comes home with a cold that sets off her asthma and each and every single night is an effort. We have been in and out of ER’s a number of times and no amount of any medication seems to work.  Can you tell me whether attacks in the night are usual, and is it normal to spit up mucous and vomit even if you have not had anything to eat? Can person have more than one attack in one night? She has presently been prescribed Prednisolone Soln two times daily. She was on Singulair but it did not help her even a wee bit. She even does the nebulizer with Albuterol Sulfates and filler and is also given two medications for her allergies one of which is Zyrtec. We have taken her to three different specialists in the last two years without striking any luck. What I really need now is to get some input from fellow parents of allergy suffering kids. I would like to know whether the symptoms that my daughter has are normal and also whether the medication that she is taking is standard to the allergy/asthma sufferers. I have read and reread all the warnings regarding the side effects of medications and I have not read anywhere that a three year old will vomit for days and nights on end without let up. If there is anything that can be said that can help me please, I am all ears.
asked Dec 29, 2010 by anonymous