Air Purifiers Are Effective To Combat Asthma

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I am a person who has been suffering from all kinds of allergies all through my life. Even my two children are also victims of asthma. We have been wasting so much of money and time on medicines and illnesses and were desperately trying to find a cure for all this. I have finally found a way out. We have come across an air purifier which is extremely effective. I had tried using all kinds of mobile cleaners which did not help in the least bit. But, now I have purchased a complete house purifier named Dr. Caboodle. My children are feeling very much improved and we do not even have to dust our home now. I would certainly suggest all of you to try it out as it has made such a wonderful difference in our lives. So do try it out and see if it will help you too.
asked Feb 7, 2011 by anonymous

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