Can Cipralex + Cymbalta Be Lethal If Taken Together a Huge Overdose?

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Can Cipralex + Cymbalta be lethal if taken together a huge overdose?

If taken 300 tablets of Cipralex 10mg and 60 tablets of Cymbalta 30mg, can that be lethal amount?

I am 180cm and slim man. Do you think this amount is enough?

I am not doing anything right now, I just like to know. keep that option open. As a last get away, since I've lost my friend earlier in this year and now my long time partner.
asked Dec 26, 2011 by anonymous

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too much of anything is bad and in the case of drugs it could be lethal. but please be reminded that drugs are made to save lives, not to take them. and even how much drug you take, death is a matter of a divine power can decide and well explain.

just to put sense in your life, if it pains you loosing your partner, just imagine how it pains your partner seeing you take your own life from the other side.

there is hope my friend. if you are a christian, there is God, if not... there is magic.
answered Mar 31, 2013 by februarylove18 Diamond Guide (6,771 points)

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