I Am New Here and Hope Someone Will Advice Me or Give Me a Solution To My Problem

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I am new here and hope someone will advice me or give me a solution to my problems. Since the past two to three weeks I have been waking up urgently in need of breath. This happens to me at anytime of the day or during the night but generally it starts sometime when I am asleep. And when it happens I feel so crammed that I can hardly breathe, talk or for that matter even think. And when the cough begins everything becomes even worse. Sometimes I cough up phlegm. When it become really severe I continuously bring out everything in my stomach and may be that helps to reduce the congestion. But by the end of it all I am left so weak and fagged out that I can hardly stand due to insufficient oxygen. I can only take short small breaths to help me from getting asphyxiated. I am all the while heaving for air. I try to sleep sitting hoping that my lungs will have some relief but it doesn't help either. I have been thrown out of our bedroom as I keep my husband up through the night. I feel uncomfortable when kids find me bent over the trashcan or toilet every morning. Nothing seems to help though a hot cup of tea or coffee aids to clear the chest, but I must get it before the next attack. It is strange; I am just fine one moment and the other I am on all fours trying desperately to get my breath. The whole incident takes 30 √¢‚?¨‚?? 45 minutes, but I cannot sleep for more than a couple of hours. Is this just a mixture of chest congestion, allergy and asthma? I do not have itchy eyes or nose no sneezing etc. I generally get it about twice a year. I am so confused.
asked Mar 16, 2007 by anonymous