What Foods Can Raise My Blood Glucose Level?

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Whether you are diabetic or exhibit the warning signs, living a balanced lifestyle is the best way to control blood glucose levels. A lifestyle change will require one to avoid certain foods because they can raise your blood sugar levels. What are the exact foods you should avoid? This article will provide the brief descriptions of the top foods to steer clear.  

Some foods greatly affect blood glucose levels. This lifestyle change means knowing exactly what these foods to avoid are. The following are foods to exclude from your diet.

Artificial Sweeteners: Avoiding sugar completely is a very difficult task. However, it is best to avoid sweeteners such as refined sugar. This will help you gain control over glucose in the blood stream.

Chocolates: It is important to make the difference between sweet chocolate and chocolate. Sweet chocolates are very processed and higher amounts of sugar. Natural chocolate is often very bitter and lacks the large amounts of sugar. Avoid consuming sweet chocolate to decreased sugar levels in your body.

High Carbohydrate Grains: While grains are beneficial to your diet, those high in carbohydrates should be avoided. Carbohydrates in general can increase glucose levels. High carbohydrate grains include white bread, refined rice, pasta, and pastries.

Vegetables high in starch: Even though vegetables are good for any diet, some vegetables high in starch raise the blood glucose level. Foods include sweet beets, carrots, potatoes, peas and butter beans. These are the few vegetables to avoid while remembering to include others.

Sugary Fruits: Most fruits are sugary, but the negatives typically outweigh the negatives. Fruits contain minerals and vitamins that are recommended for diabetics trying to control blood glucose levels. The fruits with high sugar contents and that should be avoided are mangos, bananas, jackfruit and pineapples.

Fatty Dietary Foods: Milk, like fruits, is a food that must be taken in balanced amounts. Fatty dairy products like cheese and yogurt contain whole fat and increase fat intake in the blood. Pastries that revolve around heavy butter should be avoided. Butter cakes and cream puffs are 2 to avoid at all costs as they are very bad for diabetics.

Processed Foods: Processed foods are full of preservatives which have poor fiber content. The problem with this is that diabetics require fiber content to help reduce blood sugar. Any food packed in solid or liquid form should be avoided.

Avoiding these foods will help to decrease your blood glucose levels. Following these steps will have the added benefit of reducing medicine intake. More articles to help control blood sugar can be found at diabetes foods to eat AND diabetes foods to avoid.
answered Apr 9, 2010 by anonymous

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