Is It Safe To Give Tylenol, Benedryl, and Robitussin At the Same Time To a Child

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Is it safe to give Tylenol, Benedryl, and Robitussin at the same time to a child over 2 years when they have a headache, cough and runny nose?
asked Feb 25, 2009 by anonymous

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Cough and cold preparations such as Robitussin has not been found to be effective and safe in children under 2 years. Do not give your child this medication unless directed by your local healthcare provider. (Acetaminophen) Tylenol for headache and Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for cough suppression and runny nose are okay for a child but give it to him/her only as prescribed by the physician, following the exact dosage instructions.
answered Mar 5, 2013 by maryRPh Diamond Guide (4,617 points)