Is There Any Side Effects of This Inhelar In Kids of 3 Year Old

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is there any side effects of this inhelar in kids of 3 year old
asked Jan 25, 2010 by anonymous

3 Answers

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my son is 16 month old and doctor has adive to take budecort respules is it ok for him to take at this age? also he get effected to allergies so we have to give him nebulization but is this ok to give budecort or this will effect him after some age? please reply
answered May 27, 2010 by anonymous
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there are no major sideeffects of this ,if used occassionally
answered Jan 22, 2011 by anonymous
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i have a threeyear old son that uses budecort 2 puffs twice daily almost for five mths now is there anny effects with that
answered Nov 11, 2011 by anonymous