Class,route of Administration, Mode of Action, Indication, Contraindication,precaution,drug To Drug Intraction

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class,route of administration, mode of action, indication, contraindication,precaution,drug to drug intraction,adverse effect,nursing action, dosage.
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the active ingredient of seroquel is     Quetiapine fumarate.


oral (dosage form: tablets)
may be taken with or without food but fatty foods must be avoided.

-bipolar disorder
-hepatic impairment

It is contraindicated for children less that 18 years old. it should not be used as well for elderly patients having psychosis related to dementia.
It should also be taken together with high doses of sleeping pills and epilepsy medicines.

Seroquel must be used in caution for those operating machinces or driving. It should also be used with special precuation (approved by doctor) for the following conditions as stated in mims:
-severe neutropenia
-CV & cerebrovascular disease
-aspiration pneumonia
-tardive dyskinesia & extrapyramidal symptoms
-neuroleptic malignant syndrome

antacids reduce the efficacy of seroquel and therefore should be avoided. if a need to take antacid is necessary then a 2-hour interval must be observed. other drugs that may interact with seroquel will not listed here.
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