What Is an Abnormal Grieving?

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asked Mar 20, 2010 by anonymous

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An Abnormal Grieving is when a person's emotional reaction is abnormal, usually when their grieving is accompanied by thoughts of suicide and if they act psychotic. This happens when there is long and unresolved reaction to loss.

There are different factors that may cause this disorder, this may contribute to a severe level of anxiety, depression and different psychological disorders. Causes are when there is more than one losses within just a short period of time.

Here are some Symptoms of Abnormal Grieving:

- when a person is hearing the voice of a person who passed away away and he/she is grieving for
- they show intense feeling that he/she will die because of a loved one's passing
- they may insist that the person who have passed is still alive
answered Mar 20, 2010 by anonymous